Service Disclaimer :

  • Disclaimer and Recommendations:

  • At Avalon Ford we take security very seriously and we take many precautions to protect your vehicle while it is here with us. That said, it is recommended that all valuables be removed from vehicles before leaving for service.  Our parking lot is open to all public vehicle and pedestrian traffic. In this case we cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to vehicles left on our parking lot.  
  • Customers with warranty and/or ESP coverage have expectations that their concerns will be covered by these programs. At Avalon Ford, we understand that and go to great lengths to ensure coverage wherever possible. In some cases however, if no warrantable concern can be confirmed, or no problem is found, there may be charges to customers for time involved to investigate these concerns.
  • At Avalon Ford we have state of the art equipment and an ongoing training routine for all aspects of vehicle service. Our tire change machines and personnel are no exception. Tire removal and change over is a physical process. Removal of wheels requires physical handling and the use of tools. We always take great care, but even still some contact will often occur when wheels are removed. With tire change over, there will be cases when components of the machine may contact the wheel. If this happens, the wheel may be marked. These instances are unavoidable and Avalon Ford will not assume responsibility for any damage of this sort.
  • At Avalon Ford our technicians know the importance of doing a job right. Our policy is to properly torque all wheel nuts every time a wheel has been removed. Despite this, even properly torqued lug nuts have been known to back off and come loose shortly after wheels have been reinstalled. Any time wheels have been removed, it is critically important that lug nut torque be rechecked soon afterward. Avalon Ford recommends having this checked between 100-160 km after the wheels have been re-installed. Failure to do so could introduce a serious safety risk as well as potential property damage.
  • Customization of vehicles is very popular. Ford offers an extensive line of approved accessories for most models. Unauthorized modifications, including but not limited to various types of tuners or programmers, can affect warranty coverage. If any modifications have been made to a vehicle, it is important for us to be made aware before any work is started.
  • At Avalon Ford we sell and service many different types of warranty/insurance products. Diamond Kote tire and rim warranty is a particularly popular coverage contract that we deal with. This contract offers coverage for road hazard damage that may occur to tires or wheels while travelling on public roads or highways. This coverage does not apply to normal tire wear or any damage that may occur while vehicles are off road, parked or stored.
  • Personal privacy is an important consideration for all people. This includes our staff and customers alike. Customers should be aware that when vehicles are serviced at Avalon Ford, any dash cams or other recording devices may be disabled while they are being serviced. It would be much appreciated if these devices could be disabled ahead of time by owners.
  • Vehicle maintenance is an important step in keeping your Ford vehicle operating at its best. At Avalon Ford we recommend having preventative maintenance performed on a six month/12000km interval. Many of these items would cross over between internal combustion engine, hybrid and battery powered vehicles.
    1. Change oil and filter
    2. Tire rotation and pressure check (alignment may be recommended)
    3. Lubricate hinges, latches, locks and weatherstrips
    4. Inspect/replace wiper blades
    5. Check fluids/coolant strength
    6. Check lights
    7. 12v battery test
    8. Inspect, service and clean brakes

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